How To: Get Debug Information#

In its default configuration the language server doesn’t give you much information, you get Sphinx’s build output and not much else. Depending on your needs you may find one of the following options useful.

Enable Debug Logging#

The simplest way to get more information is to set the server.logLevel (string) option to debug. Additional messages from the language server will be sent to your language client as window/logMessage messages.

Capture All Messages#

If you are using one of the VSCode extensions you can set the esbonio.trace.server option to verbose. This will print all LSP message bodies sent to/from the client in the Output window.

Note: This will generate a lot of output.

Capture All Output#


This option requires the lsp-devtools package be installed in the same Python environment as the esbonio language server:

$ pip install lsp-devtools

Alternatively you can capture everything sent to/from the language server in a text file lsp.log by using one of the following debug Startup Modules


Exactly the same as esbonio.lsp.rst, but with output capture enabled.


Exaclty the same as esbonio.lsp.sphinx but with output capture enabled.